First Multiflow Conference on the

Turbulent-Nonturbulent interface

School of Aeronautics, Madrid, Spain 25-26 October 2012

In recent years several works have revisited the problem of turbulent entrainment and its link with the geometry and characteristics of the so called ‘turbulent/nonturbulent interface’ separating irrotational from turbulent flow in mixing layers, wakes, jets and boundary layers. 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together several groups working on this theme summarise our current understanding of these interfaces and of the entrainment process, and to plan future research, either collaborative or not.

A number of about 15-20 speakers is expected for the event. 

There will be no registration fee.

The meeting will take place on the seminar room on the second floor (Room Torres Quevedo)

Organized by
    Javier Jiménez 
    Carlos B. da Silva
    Markus Holzner