In order to apply it's academic side, LASEF gets involved in "real-life" engineering projects, where different types of physics are involved. These provide good reality-checks, as sometimes one needs to develop new tools to better tackle a problem. Being involved in these projects is also a way to be in contact with constant source of new and interesting problems that can further be studied in a more academian way.

LASEF's is currently involved in the projects that follow:






"The overall objective of the FC-DISTRICT project is to optimize and implement an innovative energy production and distribution concept for sustainable and energy efficient refurbished or new "energy autonomous" districts, exploiting decentralized co-generation coupled with optimized building and district heat storage and distribution network."





"The overall scope of the DAPhNE project is to develop and demonstrate a package of integrated solutions for energy intensive, firing processes (ceramics, cement and glass), based on real time self-adaptive control systems for MW and process control and for tuning micro-wave technologies to the material characteristics, yielding real time information about the process energy consumption as well as the product quality."






PAST PROJECTS (click to expand)

  CHTER  Study of the thermal shock behaviour of intercoolers, in colaboration with  J. Deus Thermal Systems 
  FLOXCOM Development of a low NOx flameless combustor for high efficiency gas turbines, in a partnership with Imperial College and Technion
  EXTREME  Study of extreme forest fires for the development of tools for precise and faster-than-real-time predictions
  FLAME SOFC  Development of an innovative fuel cell for micro-CHP systems capable to operate with different fuels
  VELARO Study of the aerodynamics of a Siemens High Speed Train, in collaboration with Siemens

... More projects, as well as more detailed information of each project, will be added in the future ...




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