October 16th, 2009



The ERCOFTAC Iberian West Pilot Centre (IWPC) is proud to announce the 4th Workshop on Research in Turbulence, in Lisbon on the 16th October 2009. 

The first three Workshops, held in Barcelona (February 2004),  Madrid (October 2005), and Sevilla (October 2008) were organized by the IEPC and helped to acquire a reference about the work that spanish and Portuguese groups are carrying out in the field of Turbulence and Transition. Some of the contributions were compiled in the book "MODELS, EXPERIMENTS AND COMPUTATION IN TURBULENCE", published by the IEPC in 2007. The spanish and portuguese groups are invited again to present their recent advances. The objective is to promote the open debate and possible collaborations. 

We want to seize the opportunity to organize an ERCOFTAC partners meeting. In this meeting the present collaborations, as well as projects and needs of the IEPC partners in relation with ERCOFTAC SIGs will be analyzed and discussed. Of course, the meeting is open to all the interested researchers and groups.



Acoustics of Turbulent Flows

Control of Turbulent Flows

Computational Methods for Turbulence and Transition

Direct Numerical Simulation

Geophysical Turbulence -Instability and Transition

Large-eddy simulation

Vortex dynamics and coherent structures 

Wall bounded flows  








July 10-11, 2008





The UT Austin - Portugal Program (CoLab) is a long-term collaboration initiative between the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) and Portuguese research and higher education institutions. The Program, launched by the Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education, is focused on interdisciplinary research, advanced education and training activities in three major areas: Digital Media, Advanced Computing and Mathematics. All the activities of this collaborative program are funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). 

The CoLab Advanced Computing Program is focused on "methodologies and techniques in HPC, distributed/grid computing and large scale data analysis & management, to solve computational engineering and science problems".  The main goal of this CoLab workshop is to brng together PhD students and young researchers from the Portuguese institutions (universities or research centers), with internationally distinguished experts from UT Austin in advanced topics of computational fluid dynamics and their relevant applications. 

The workshop will cover several topics related to some of the applications of advanced computational fluid dynamics, including:

 Biological, biomedical and clinical flows Image processing and visualization of biomedical phenomena Non-Newtonian flows Environment and geophysical flows Noise generation, flow control and fluid-structure interactions Modeling and simulation of turbulent flows Transition and chaos in fluid flows Turbulence in reacting and multiphase flows  



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