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Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is a mesh-free Lagrangian method to simulate fluid flows. An example of SPH is illustrated with two case studies.

The first case, represented in the first video, is a steady flow over a rectangular obstacle. It has periodic boundary conditions at inlet/outlet and imposing no-slip B.C. using image particles on the walls. The simulation resolution is 384*60 with a total of 22884 fluid particles. To generate the flow we use a time dependent driving force i.e., the flow decides the value so that it keeps the mass flow rate constant during whole simulation. Its a new way of handling such problems in SPH.

The second case is a flow in a grooved channel (cavity flow) at Re=1200 based on the maximum velocity at inlet and half width of the channel. The B.C at inlet/outlet is periodic and elsewhere is no-slip using image particles for walls. We expect to get self sustained osculations for the bubbles in grooved section. The colours in this video are u-velocity magnitudes. It uses a time dependent driving force. Total number of particles is 3528





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