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In this project we used CFD to study the aerodynamics of an high-speed train. The work was done in partnership with Siemens.    


This project was based in state-of-the-art international technologies of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. High fidelity geometric modeling has been considered for the generation of a support computational grid comprising around 25 Million degrees-of-freedom. Each simulation run during 5-8 days in a multicore multinode workstation cluster. 






  Rear end-car detail of the high-speed train. Streamlines show the swirling vortical flow, formed by the detachment of the boundary layer in the back of the train.




  Inter-Car-Gap (ICG) flow pattern shown with the aid of pressure iso-surfaces and plane streamlines. The blue surface is an iso-pressure that shows the existence of a main horse shoe like structure. Plane streamlines explicitly show the flow swirling motion. 

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