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 Temporal plane jet DNS simulation. Intense vorticity structures in the turbulent/non-turbulent interface.




Coherent structures in the upper shear layer of the turbulent plane jet, near the T/NT interface. (a) Iso-surface of the intense vorticity structures (IVS) (yellow), low pressure (white), and T/NT interface (brown); (b) Like (a) but with transparent iso-surface for the pressure; (c) Like (b) but with transparent iso-surface fot the T/NT interface; (d) Iso-surfaces of low pressure (orange) and T/NT interface (brown).



da Silva, C. B. and dos Reis, Ricardo José Nunes (2011), "The role of coherent vortices near the turbulent/non-turbulent interface in a planar jet", Phil. Trans. R. Soc., 369, 1937: pp. 738-753.  


Also refer to this image of the same author,  choosen to illustrate the front cover of the themed issue - 'Dynamical barriers and interfaces in turbulent flows' - compiled and edited by Ian Eames and Jan-Bert Flor, of the Philosophical Transactions A of the Royal Society February 28, 2011; 369 (1937)  


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